Liftlog™ is a remaining life and load limiting data-logger for cranes that logs all hoisting motions as well as longitudinal and transverse travel. Accompanying software takes the wirelessly downloaded data and applies AS2550.1-2011 to calculate the remaining life of the crane.

Why is this necessary?

According to the latest version of AS2550.1-2011: Cranes, hoists and winches – Safe Use: “failure to keep records of use will dictate the necessity for more frequent major inspections” (AS2550.1-2011, p49). The only method of recording usage that will not require the remaining life to be reduced by a factor of safety is to use an automatic recording system. This reduction can be up to 33% of crane life!

Additionally, cranes that are being used more than anticipated or at higher loads, risk premature failure. Overloads, shock loads and poor operating practises also reduce crane and hoist life. Conversely, lightly or seldom used cranes may not require overhaul as often. So what do you get? Click here to see some example data

  • Calculates remaining design life (DWP) according to latest Australian standards (eg. AS2550.1-2011).
  • Calculates according to an alternative standard (e.g. ISO) or customized specification.
  • Records responsible operator against all logged motions and alerts (AccessPack required).
  • Performs load limiting.
  • Monitors and records all hoisting motions.
  • Monitors cross and long travel motions.
  • 10 Million operational events stored onboard.
  • Raw data available as a simple text file.
  • Custom reports available.
  • 24-240 VAC Operating voltage range.
  • Wireless configuration and data download via Bluetooth.
  • Output provided to drive a digital load display.
  • Compatible with OEM crane control products.
  • Australian designed and manufactured.
  • Australian manufacturer extended hours support available.


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