Mulit-zone load limiting

MaxOut is an inexpensive electronic load limiter that’s quick, easy and safe to set up and calibrate.

In addition to performing its load limiting function, MaxOut is a HoistNet compatible device that can act as a wireless source of load data for displays, data loggers, load summation units etc.

This means that adding a load display, for example, to a crane already fitted with a MaxOut load limiter is as simple as wiring power to the display and telling it to get display the load reported by the MaxOut… No additional calibration required!

Get notifications when your crane is overloaded.


  • Performs load limiting.
  • 24-240 VAC Operating voltage range.
  • Wireless configuration via Bluetooth.
  • HoistNet compatible.
  • Compatible with OEM crane control products.
  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Australian manufacturer extended hours support available.


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