Precision Scales

The HiBeam 200 load display is a compact, very bright and easy to install after market display for visually indicating the load on a crane hoist.

It can accept all types of load signals (mV, V, mA, Frequency, Abus LIS Q-Link or ControlPro Volts,Stahl Canbus) and connects wirelessly with Sole Digital data loggers or load limiting systems, eliminating the need for additional cabling.

Why do you need one?

Knowing how much you are actually lifting is fundamental to safe crane operation. However, too often cranes are not supplied with external load displays.


HiBeam is a drop in replacement for a Stahl SDL3-100-3, ABUS GLZ, and Konecranes displays. It runs on any voltage and is sensibly priced.

Bright in more ways than one.


  • 5 x 100mm digits are easily visible in brightly lit sheds and outdoors.
  • Super lightweight (2kg) and small form factor so easy to mount.
  • 316 stainless steel, fully sealed case.
  • Wireless connection to HoistNet load sources (just needs power).
  • Load limit output.
  • Supply voltage from 24-240VAC/DC.
  • Wireless configuration.
  • Australian designed and manufactured.
  • Australian manufacturer extended hours support available.


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