The rugged hand-held with valuable features in a small package.

Perfect for standard industrial cranes and machines with 3 two-step drives. Available with numerous HBC features. Ideal applications can be winch and hoist operation with two speed drive for chain hoist, motorized and non-motorized monorail hoists and overhead travelling cranes. See our applications page for these and many more!

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The rugged hand-held with valuable features in a small package.



  • radiomatic® iLOG

This clever electronic key enables the
quick activation of a spare transmitter
if the original transmitter is damaged.
This means service without expensive

  • Frequency management (optional)

An automated frequency management
via 2.4 GHz technology or DECT ensures
interruption-free radio operation without
frequency conflicts.

  • HBC Safety Features (optional)

In emergencies, radiomatic® shock-off /
roll-detect / zero-g / inclination switch
can trigger an automatic shutdown of the
control and thus ensure additional safety.

  • radiomatic® report (optional)

This feature protects the control from
unauthorized use. It enables the blocking
of safety-relevant functions for nonauthorized
personnel as well as the
storage of useful operational data.

  • 8 two-step HBC push buttons / STOP impact switch.
  • LED for indication of operating / battery status.
  • 2 rechargeable NiMH exchange batteries, approx. 30 h
    of continuous operating time (standard version).
  • Robust plastic housing, protection class IP 65.
  • Weight: 360 g (0.8 lbs.) including battery.
  • Integrated all-around rubber shock absorber.
  • Manual frequency switch.
  • Further options: radiomatic® AFS (Automatic Frequency Selection),
    radiomatic® shock-off / roll-detect / zero-g / inclination switch,
    tandem operation, customized labeling, feedback by LED,
    preselection of trolley / hoist via push button (indication of
    selection status via LEDs).

Manufactured by: HBC radiomatic GmbH in Crailsheim Germany.


Quadrix Product Brochure: fss-quadrix_en

Orbit Product Datasheet: fss-quadrix-1501_data_sheet


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