Side-pull prevention

SideWise is a simple anti-side-pull system that ensures loads are only lifted vertically. It can easily be retrofitted to existing cranes and consists of a sensor unit mounted on the rope with a signal processing module in the hoist control box. Crane motion is disabled as soon as any long or cross-travel horizontal loads are detected.

Why do I need side-pull protection?

Cranes and hoists are only designed to withstand vertical loading. Out-of-vertical hoisting, commonly referred to as side-pulling, damages wire ropes and rope guides, because the wire jumps out of its grooves as it winds around the drum and rubs against itself or the drum. In more severe cases, side pulling causes derailment of the trolley or gantry or excessive lateral loads on the crane structure resulting in catastrophic beam failure. This may occur when moving loads far smaller than the SWL. For these reasons, side pulling is prohibited by AS2550.1-2011.

Bright in more ways than one.


  • Prevents side-pulling in both long and cross travel directions.
  • Can be fitted to any rope size.
  • Proprietary algorithms prevent false triggering from swinging loads.
  • Amount of allowable side-pulling can be adjusted.
  • Processor compatible with all commonly used crane voltages.
  • When used with Liftlog™XL, side-pulling events can trigger SMS and email alerts.
  • Australian designed and manufactured.
  • Australian manufacturer extended hours support available.


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