Manufacturer: HBC Radiomatic

Rugged quality for the control of cranes and machines.

  • 2 joysticks with up to 6 steps or analog.
  • Various one-step push buttons.
  • Various toggle or rotary switches/buttons.
  • STOP impact switch.
  • LED for indication of operation / battery status.
  • radiomatic® iLOG for quick activation of a spare transmitter.
  • Suitable for Multi-Receiver-Concepts (MRC).
  • Rechargeable NiMH exchange battery without memory effect.
  • Ca. 20 hours of continuous operating time.
  • Robust plastic housing, protection class IP 65.
  • Manual frequency switch.
  • Options: feedback, z-axis switches for simultaneous control of 3 drives with one hand, catch-release, tandem operation, radiomatic® AFS, radiomatic® infrakey.
  • Recommended receivers: FSE 510, FSE 511, FSE 512, FSE 516, FSE 524, FSE 726 / 736 / 770 radiobus®.Diverse one-step push buttons, toggle or rotary switches/buttons.

Rugged quality for the control of cranes and machines.


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