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AirWay is an electronic device that wirelessly transmits and receives up to 4 input/output control signals. Two or more AirWay units can be used together to provide up to 4 wireless signals between hoists, cranes, and fixed equipment.

Airway is ideally suited to implementing interlocked slowdown and stop limits for multi hoist or multi crane lifting.

Why install an AirWay?

Wiring signals between hoists can be difficult if there are no spare cores. Wiring signals between cranes is almost impossible. AirWay makes it easy.

Multi hoist, multi crane, or crane to ground connections made easy.


  • Provides up to four remote inputs for other devices.
  • Four contact outputs, rated for 250V AC/32VDC, 4A.
  • Long range (500m line of sight) between two units.
  • Wide input power range (24-240V AC/DC).
  • Wireless configuration via Bluetooth.
  • Australian designed and manufactured.
  • Australian manufacturer extended hours support available.


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